Ridgewood High School Competency Education

Ridgewood High School’s website includes an overview of its Competency Education program that focuses on what students need to keep them in school as well as prepare them for college and careers.

Fostering Relationships for Recovery: Lessons from a CBE Pilot School

Competency-based education means different things at different schools, but at Benito Juarez Community Academy, a Chicago neighborhood public high school, it means a focus on equity—and that means prioritizing social-emotional skills, or developmental/adaptive competencies, as well as academics.

Chicago Equity-Centered Innovation Forum Resource Hub

The Chicago Equity-Centered Innovation Forum (CEIF) is a partnership between Education Systems Center and Chicago Public Schools aimed at supporting innovative models for addressing systemic inequities such as student-centered personalized instruction, competency-based approaches, and performance assessments. Explore resources created and curated by CEIF.

ISBE Competency Pilot Overview

Visit the Illinois State Board of Education webpage for an overview of the CBE pilot and a list of participating districts.