College and Career Pathway Endorsement Framework

The College and Career Pathway Endorsements system is a voluntary system for school districts to award endorsements on high school diplomas to graduates who have demonstrated readiness for college and careers. This document outlines the framework for the endorsement system.

ISBE CCPE Resource Page and Application

The Illinois State Board of Education invites interested districts to complete the voluntary process for school districts to award College and Career Pathway Endorsements (CCPE) to high school graduates. To offer the endorsements, districts must submit an application and a report of projected student participation.

Career Pathways Dictionary

This resource includes the State of Illinois’ overarching definition for career pathways and the work-based learning components of College & Career Pathway Endorsements as agreed to by multiple state agencies, boards, committees, and other stakeholders.

CCPE Technical & Employability Competencies

The competencies set forth in this document were developed through an iterative process involving public-private steering committees established pursuant to the PWR Act in order to implement College and Career Pathway Endorsements.